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June 22, 2011
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"Why are we doing this?" Zim whined as he pouted at his best friend. They both walked down a path in a small park.
"I wanted out of the house. and, it's not that bad. I'm just happy we can be alone together." Dib said, blushing a bit, noticing how gay that sounded. He shrugged a bit, as he smiled at Zim weakly. Zim rolled his eyes, putting his hands in his pockets of his red sweatshirt that Dib gave him for Christmas because he hated seeing him freeze to death and him always stealing his trench coat. Just for Zim, he painted the irken symbol on it and "I AM ZIM" below it, this just made Zim so amazingly happy, he lunged at Dib and told him he was going to kiss him to death for it. Dib knew he was joking completely though.
"We were alone in your room...Why did we have to come to this park of FILTH?!" Zim shouted, crossing his arms.
Dib rolled his eyes, wrapping his arm around his shoulder and pulling him close into a hug. "Come on space boy! It's not all that bad. Trust me." Dib let go of Zim's shoulder, reaching down to his wrist and pulling him along to the play equipment. Zim smirked lightly as he was tugged along. He rolled his eyes again at Dib. "I hate you Dib-Stink!" Zim said, trying to groan in annoyance, but it came out too cheerful.
"I love you too Zim." Dib said, as he let go of Zim's hand. He began to climb the small rock wall that lead to the slide.
Zim, still trying to act unimpressed, he took the steps instead, stomping as he did with his arms crossed. Zim's eyes grew with curiosity at a blue tube like thing that hung in the middle of the play equipment. circles a lined the sides of it. Zim noticed it was slightly tilted up, so if you sat in it, you would slide a little.
"What is that?" Zim asked, pointing to the tube nailed to the floors.
"This?" Dib said, crawling instead. "Is...some weird, tube I guess." Dib stuck his arms out of holes, grabbing at the air and groaning like a zombie.
"You are such a loser Dib!" Zim said, laughing at his fail. Zim looked into the tube, seeing Dib lying down in it. He looked up at the alien, up side down, with a smile. "Come in." He said, motioning him to come in. Zim bit his lip as he grabbed the sides. "Won't I slide and fall on you?" He questioned, slowly sitting down on the rim.
Dib giggled lightly. "Nope. As long as you are careful." Dib said.
Zim sat down on the rim, bending down so he could get into the tight space. He cocked his head to the side at Dib with confusion. He leaned his legs on the wall, and his back on the other side, completely fitting the circle. "What is the point of this Dib?" Zim asked, looking kinda scared.
Dib turned over, so now he was on his belly and facing Zim. "Well, I guess kids like to climb up it and slide down it." Dib shrugged, then chuckled. "My sister said that people have sex in this at night."
Zim's eyes grew and held his legs close to himself. "Ew! Why are you instead THIS?! Knowing THAT?!"
Dib shrugged. "I guess I don't care...It could not be true you know...and besides you are in it as well." Dib smirked up at Zim, who looked around seeing that he touched the weird blue tube. "EW!" Zim began to struggle out of the tight circle. Dib pulled himself up, grabbing at Zim's pants. "Oooh, no you don't!" Dib pulled him back. Zim yelped as he fell backwards. "DON'T RAPE ME!" Zim shouted. "Ow! It hurts! Let go!" Zim said, as he grabbed at the circles on the side, holding himself from being pull down more.
Dib let go of Zim, before he pulled off his pants. Dib began to laugh at Zim from thinking he was going to rape him. He controlled himself as he crept closer behind Zim, putting his hand on Zim's back which faced him. "It's not rape if you enjoy it." Dib teased, grabbing Zim's hips, leaning back, and gliding Zim over him.
Zim's eyes went wide as he tried to get away, but there was no where to go. The tube was far too tight to stand up and barely move in fact. "Let go! Let go you rapist!" Zim shouted loudly.
Dib put his hand over Zim's mouth. "Shh! Be quiet Zim! I'm not gonna rape you. Don't shout that, We'll get in trouble." Dib giggled a bit. "Just relax. You've laid on top of me before." He let go of Zim's face and laid his hand on his belly instead. Zim pouted, sighing a bit. "Fiiine." He whined.
"Did you really think I would rape you?" Dib asked, feeling betrayed a little.
"No...You just scared me...thats all. Zim wasn't expecting you to grab Zim like that and force Zim on top of you." Zim crossed his arms and huffed annoyed.
Dib sighed. "sorry I freaked you out Zim. I was only playing." Dib ran his hand to his side, instead of resting it on Zim. Zim kinda liked his hand lying there, so he sighed quietly. He looked up at ceiling of the tube, seeing writing like. "I love Tyler" and random crap.
"Dib? Whats that?" Zim pointed to the words.
"Oh, people write stuff in these things some times...I have no idea why." Dib shrugged lightly. His arms started to fall asleep at his sides from the tight space, so he wrapped his arms around Zim. Zim stared at Dib's arms with surprise but wrapped his arms over Dib's, running his gloved fingers over Dib's. "Can I write something?" Zim asked.
Dib was slightly blushing when Zim rubbed his fingers, but ignored it as he answered Zim's question. "Sure. I don't see why not. Do you have a pen?" Dib asked.
"Of course. but, can you get it? It's in my pocket." Zim asked.
"" Dib asked, scared of which pocket he was talking about. "My butt pocket. I want you to feel deep down in there and start grabbing and touching around." Zim teased. "No. My sweatshirt dumb ass." Zim said plainly.
Dib rolled his eyes, moving his hand away from Zim's as he grabbed it. "Why couldn't you grab it?" Dib asked, pulling out the sharpie that was inside of it.
"Iim too awesome. Now Give me!" Zim snatched at the sharpie. He took of the tip and started to draw on the ceiling of the tube. He drew the irken symbol and wrote, "ZIM WAS HERE"
"This tube of sex belongs to ZIM now!" Zim chuckled with victory. Zim then started to draw Dib's Swollen Eye Ball logo right next to it. and wrote "DIB WAS HERE" And he but a plus sign in between there names. "Now, the sex tube belongs to the Dib as well! We rule the sex tube with our...our...RAPE!" Zim laughed with success.
Dib blushed deeply. "Can you not call it that?" Dib asked. He looked at what Zim wrote, and all together to read. "ZIM WAS HERE + DIB WAS HERE" Dib smiled weakly at that.
"Nope, not changing it." Zim went up and wrote; "(Having sex)".
Dib's eyes shot open. "Zim!" Dib grabbed at Zim's hand, pulling it down and stealing the marker and cap. "Thats enough writing for you!" dib said, now annoyed.
"Oh Dibby! It's funny...and you know it's true...or," Zim turned over, so now he was facing Dib. "will be true." Zim stroked back Dib's hair and kissed his cheek.
Dib blushed, pushing Zim away a little. "Zim! No, what are you doing? Are you drunk?"
Zim laughed. "I'm just playing with you Dib....but I want to play with you so much more." Zim grabbed at Dib's junk.
"Ah! Z-Zim! Stop, I'm serious." Dib blushed deeply, jumping from the grab.
Zim frowned at Dib. "You don't love Zim?" He gave Dib puppy eyes.
"I love you Zim, just as a friend or a brother... I-I can't..." Dib blushed as he pushed Zim off gently and made his way out of the tube. Zim growled at Dib and pulled him back in by his pants., holding him close to his body. "Where do you think your going?"
Dib's eyes shot open from the tug. "Let go of Zim!" Dib pleaded as he struggled.
"Oh Diblet." Zim leaned closer to Dib's ear, licking it, and Dib flinched trying to pull away. "It was a trick." Zim grinned as he pushed Dib away. He began to laugh really hard now, almost the point of tears. "I would NEVER rape you Dib! I love you too Dib, but NOT in that way! I can't believe you thought I would do that." Zim rubbed his eyes, smiling and chuckling as he tried to calm down. "Well, got my revenge, huh rapist Dib?" Zim winked.
Dib stared at Zim with wide eyes. "B-But you grabbed my dick! I didn't touch you like that, I just SAID was going to rape you!" Dib shivered.
Zim smirked at dib, punching him in the arm lightly. "Come on Diblet. Lets go home." Zim turned to crawl out of the tube. Then, Dib had a horrible idea. His view was of Zim's ass...and oooh, he wanted revenge. Dib lunged out at Zim with both hands, grabbing Zim's ass.
Zim squeaked with surprise, then turned his head quickly back at Dib, glaring at him. "Are you sure you don't want to rape me?" Zim said, smirking a little.
"Oh, I'm sure. I'm just getting a little revenge. Same old same old." Dib smirked back at Zim playfully.
Zim turned around completely. "Oooh! You're on!" Zim tackled Dib down to the floor of the tube, grinding him.
Dib jumped with surprise, blushing deeply. "Z-Zim...we don't need to do this."
Zim grinded him faster. "T-Too late!" Zim blushed deeply.
Dib closed his eyes, bitting his lip, trying not to moan. "Z-Zim stop! We're friends! I-It's not right!" Dib thrusted forward a bit, wanting more friction in there crotch area.
"Well why are you getting hard Diblet?" Zim teased as he started to lightly hump Dib, still grinding himself back and forth roughly.
"I-I I'm not! G-Get off Zim! Stop humping me you freak!" Dib said, now getting uncomfortable, as he tried to push Zim off. Really, he liked it and wanted more, so his push wasn't so strong as he was planning on it to be. "Z-Zim please." Dib whined.
Zim slowed. "Why Dib? You seemed to be liking it." Zim cocked his head to the side, giving him a sad look.
"Zim...Let's just go. I don't want to talk about this...ever again!" Dib pushed Zim off and got out of the tube before Zim could pull him back in again. He was blushing really hard as he walked fast. Looking behind him, he was Zim was out of the tube, and just looking at Dib with a sad and confused pout. "Are you coming?" Dib shouted to Zim. Zim looked at ground, shaking his head know. Dib sighed, rushing back over there. He picked up Zim and threw him over his shoulder. "Don't hump me." Dib said sternly to the alien.
Zim squeaked once he was picked up. He tried to roll of Dib's shoulder. "Let me go!" Zim whined.
"I'll spank you if you don't stop moving!" Dib threatened, glaring at the butt that was next to his head.
Zim pouted, and stopped. He just hung there, staring at Dib's butt, blushing. Dib huffed. "Wow, I thought you would want me to spank you. From all that humping." Dib said, getting another awkward shiver down his back. "Sorry." Zim said quietly. "I'll never...hump you, grin you, or try to rape you...or grab your crotch." Zim swallowed, feeling guilty. "You now can disown Zim." Zim closed his eyes, like he was gonna cry.
"Disown you? What do you mean?" Dib asked, as he conintued to walk out of the park with Zim over his shoulder.
"You may disown Zim as your friend. Zim ruined it with his stupid way of fun and teasing... I just got way to into it...I loved talking dirty with you, then it got out of hand...I'm so sorry Dib!" Zim began to sniff. Dib began to worry, and get confused if he really was starting to cry. Dib put Zim down, he held Zim's shoulders and looked into his eyes, seeing that he was crying a little. "Oh Zim." Dib said, looking guilty. "I won't disown you! You're my only friend. I couldn't live without you." Dib pulled Zim close, hugging him.
"I'm stupid...I should have felt so weird and good...Gah! Zim is the worst and sickest friend in the world!" Zim said into Dib's shoulder. "The Dib doesn't deserve Zim...I'm nothing to you...All I do to you is hump you like some horny dog!" Zim began to sob slightly.
Dib pouted, pulling Zim closer and hugging him as tight as he could. "You aren't the worst friend in the world. you are the best. And always will be...and you are no dog Zim! You are a wonderful alien that I a brother or something." Dib said, wanting Zim to know what kind of love. "I-It did...kinda feel good...I wanted you to do it more, really...but, it's just..not right. Unless you do love me in that way." Dib said, blushing deeply red again.
Zim wrapped his arms around Dib. "I'm sorry...Should I go home? I-I bet you never want me to sleep in your bed again." Zim weeped quickly.
"No. You can still sleep in my bed. In fact," Dib said, smiling at Zim as he let go. Zim rubbed his fake eyes as he looked at Dib who turned around and backed up towards Zim. He grabbed Zim's hips and pushed him up on his back like a little kid. "To make sure you KNOW are friendship is still good, you get a piggy back ride back home! just no humping..." Dib whispered the last part. Zim giggled a bit when he was up on Dib, he moved around and tried to make himself comfortable before Dib took off again. Zim wrapped his arms around Dib, laying his head on his. "Our friendship is so gay." Zim smiled weakly at that.
"I know. Thats why I love it so much." Dib ran his hands down Zim's legs, which wrapped around him. "I could never lose our gayness, even if I get mad from you humping me. If you want, to night you can do that again...with our clothes off." Dib teased.
" You'll kill me if i try that....but that sounds like fun!" Zim said, hugging Dib.
Dib laughed. "Okay...I think we are tired as shit and have no idea what we are saying or doing at this moment. I think I could kiss you and not even remember it tomorrow. Like we are drunk on tiredsomness." Dib shrugged.
"I'm drunk off your hump." Zim said tiredly.
"That...makes no sense." Dib said as he tried to walk a little faster to get home.
"I think it's a song." Zim shrugged. "Shut up now Dib-cute ass. I want to sleep on yooou." Zim said falling asleep on Dib's back and head.
"Yup. We are so drunk on humps and tiredsomness." Dib rolled his eyes.
It's 2:12 So yeah...I'm tired and had no idea what I was doing towards the end. This was just gonna be ZaDf or ZaDb buuut...yeah you know....

I went to this park with my friends and there was this really awesome tube thing and they said that people made love in it. I didn't care, so I stayed in it all day long. So, i came up with this, because I wanted to write. "ZIM WAS HERE" inside of the

Okay I'ma gonna go to bed and masturbate! Woot! No, just kidding. i'm just going to bed.
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AllThingsGeeky17 Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2014
Me and all my friends have dirty friendships. I talk dirtier to them then I do my boyfriends. XD
It's so awkwardly beautiful!
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"My butt pocket. I want you to feel deep down in there and start grabbing and touching around." Zim teased. "No. My sweatshirt dumb ass." Zim said plainly."

i was holding this kid i was b-siting and my phone went off in my pocket, and with my hands full i asked my friend to grab it for me and open the text. we had this almost exact conversation :p

i love this :D it's like you spy on me and friends :D :iconikilleditplz: :iconpickleplz:
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