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October 10, 2011
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Zim and Dib made their way to Hurt Park, but they weren't quite where Dib wanted to be. Zim was shivering and huddled into Dib for all of his warmth. He mumbled something about taking a heat-ray and zapping all of the human's heat from his body to keep as his own. Dib smiled at Zim's psychobabbling and cute side cuddling. He wrapped his trench coat around Zim and snuggled back to him lovingly.
"We are almost there, Zim."
Zim mumbled tiredly. "How much longer, Dib?" He said, not impressed with this cold.
"Not much." Dib smiled, stroking over Zim's cheek gently before pulling away from Zim completely. Zim growned from the lost. Rubbing his eye tiredly before crossing his arms to keep warm. The two teenage boys were in a forest like part of the part, but it was so fulled of tress, Zim could see no light. The only like was the faint glow on his PAK. Dib pulled back some branches from a tree, it was a tunnel that lead upright. "You gotta do some climbing." Dib said, holding his hand out to Zim as he stepped up on the ledge.
Zim rolled his eyes, grabbing Dib's hand with a groan as he pulled the small alien up. They both climbed the dirt tunnel that was covered in stones and ivy. Dib led Zim through the dark so he wouldn't trip, but Dib didn't know Zim could see in the dark.
Once they came out of the tunnel, they were at a camp site, where an old fire pit sat with burnt ashes. Zim stared at it for a bit, before Dib tugged him along ahead some more, making the tired alien groan. "We are almost there." He said, smiling at Zim happily.

After climbing over some bushes and going higher and higher up the mountain, they finally got to the place they wanted to be. It was a cliff, clear with barely any trees around. No city lights reached this point, leaving the sky black but filled with white glowing suns all around and the huge moon shining above. Dib smiled up at the sky, then back at Zim who now didn't look as tired but more shocked. His eyes were wide and mouth open as he stared. He saw the lines of stars, knowing some of their names by heart. But this made him sad, thinking about his home planet and how they left him. Zim whimpered and looked away from Dib as he stood there shivering.
Dib frowned, wrapping his arms around Zim gently and peering at his face. "Zim? Are you okay?"
Zim sniffled. "Z-Zim is fine..."
Dib turned him around to face him. "Zim, You aren't okay. Whats don't like it up here?" He asked.
Zim sighed, looking back up at the sky with a whimper. "My Tallests lied, about every God damn thing. They never liked me, this mission was just to get rid of me. So, I'm banished on the stars make me sick...make me sad...because they remind me of them, and they also remind me of you." Zim looked up at Dib sadly, white glowing tears running down his cheeks. "I needed you badly, Dib! I needed you this summer! I-...I almost killed myself because I missed you!" Zim cried, shivering from the cold and sobbing.
Dib frowned, wrapping his arms around Zim into a tight hug. "Sssh, It's okay Zim. I'm sorry I wasn't here...I'll never leave you again." Dib said calmly as he stroked over Zim's back. Zim wrapped his own arms around Dib.
"Pro-promise! Promise me you w-won't lea-leave me~" Zim sobbed into his shoulder. "I...I love you Dii-iib...!" Zim sniffled, snuggling into his neck.
Dib blushed, taken aback for a moment from those words. He stroked Zim's cheek, and kissed it lovingly shortly after. "I love you too, Zim."
Zim pulled away and gave Dib a confused look with a blush before Dib leaned down and kissed him deeply.
Zim was shocked, he didn't know what to do. His mind shut off and his heart stop for a second. But it started back up quickly as he wrapped his arms around Dib. Falling over Dib as they fell on the soft green grass below them. Dib huffed in shock, but giggled as he continued to kiss Zim back. They rolled in the grass and made out deeply, tongues and lips wrapping around each other. Moans escaping their lips. But the two boys didn't know this kiss was going to lead to something more in the same night.
Part 13, FINALLY! Also, you get a kiss in this from your loooong wait.
This part sucks because I'm tired and don't want to go into the sex part yet because I'm SOOO GOD DAMN TIRED!!!

Enjoy. :|
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