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September 30, 2011
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Zim and Dib walked quietly as the got closer to the restaurant. Dib was thinking about Zim's PAK the whole time, rather curious about how it worked and how he got tired and all. "Zim?" He began, looking at his friend who walked beside him. Zim looked back, with a stright face, but this time he didn't look sad. "What does your PAK do?" He asked, lightly touching the gray part out of curiosity.
Zim, giggled from that, shaking his head with a smile. "Oh you curious little human..." He said to himself mostly. "My PAK stores my personality and makes me live. Like...umm...human 'souls' in a way, or a second 'brain'. They also keep my feelings, getting rid of the ones that make me week." He said with a nod, hands folded behind his back as he talked.
"What are your week feelings?" He asked.
"Umm...lets seee...Well, fear, sadness, confusion, overly joyed can somewhat be a weakness...and, love." Zim shrugged, but Dib's heart sank, losing complete hope in have Zim more then friend. "But...I-I'm...A." The alien to a heavy sadden sigh, ", Zim can feel those feelings. So they make me weak. Zim is weak." He frowned, hunching over like he did the last couple of days.
Dib sighed frowning at Zim's change of mood. His arm shacked as it wrapped around Zim's shoulder, pulling him close to comfort him. "Zim, some of those feelings can make you strong. Like...Love mostly. Love gives you a completely different power all together. If you love someone, or something, you'll do ANYTHING for them! You'll be with them no matter what, even if they don't love you back the same. Love can make you do crazy things, but true, really TRUE love is strong. Makes you, and the other strong." Dib smiled at Zim, and Zim just frowned even more at those words. Wanting to cry in Dib's arms, as the thing he loved popped into his head; His Tallests and his mission. He removed Dib's arm and moved away from him. "I don't want to talk about it." He said sadly.
Dib frowned, crossing his arms. "Sorry I brought it up, I just wanted to help Zim."
"It's...fine, Dib. It's just...I've loved three things in my life...and had them taken away from me. It hurts, and even thinking about it kills me! Just DON'T bring it up, okay? Love is Bad to Zim. Love has only hurt Zim." He said.
"Not if it's my love..." He mumbled to himself, hoping Zim didn't hear, but the human didn't know how powerful Zim's antennas were. Zim picked it up, staring at Dib, who looked forward with a sadden face. Zim sighed, feeling bad he said that, knowing he made the human worry and sad as well.
"Forget about it Dib. Lets just continue this special day together. Thats all I need. Is you."
Dib nodded, but said nothing as they walked in silence, but this time it was awkward. They didn't know how to break the awkward silence, so they just walked all the way to the restaurant not talking to each other.
The restaurant was a old 50's style diner. They took their seats at a booth, sitting across from each other. A Waitress came by, gave them their minus and water, but of course Zim didn't even touch his.
"So..." Dib said, bitting his lip from not thinking of anything to say. He picked up his menu, hiding his face a bit.
Zim frowned sadly, feeling alone and regetted. "Dib? Are you okay?" He said sadly, pulling down the human's menu to see his face. Dib's face, meeting Zim's sad and worried one. He looked like a kick puppy, and Dib felt horrible.
"The real question is, are you okay?" Dib reached out to place his hand over Zim's before removing it with a blush. Zim blushed too, hiding his arms under the table.
"Zim is fine, Dib. It's just...we need to talk."
"About what?"
"Anything...this silence is killing me!" Zim said rolling his eyes. Dib giggled, thinking it was something horrible, like Zim saying he didn't want to be his friend.
"Well....Halloween is coming up. What are you going to dress up as, if you are?" Dib asked, playing with his glass.
"Hmmm..." Zim hummed. "A...A..." He shrugged. "I don't know..."
"I'm going as a vampire. I've always wanted to dress up as paranormal things each year. I've done, a ghost, alien, werewolf, and bigfoot so far." He said with a blush, knowing how lame that must have sounded.
Zim smiled. "Hmm...Can I help you with that Halloweeny costoom?"
Dib giggled at that. "Sure why not. And, I'll help you with yours." Dib ran his fingers over the sticky table, blushing and bitting his lip. "W-Wanna go to the Halloween Dance with me?"
Zim thought there for a second, before nodding in agreement. Grabbing his water glass, and taking a sip. "Sounds'll be my Vampire date." He winked at Dib, smiling widely from how shocked and horrorfide he looked. "What? Shocked Dibby by this?" Zim stuck his tongue into the water, a loud hiss and steam coming off of his alien tongue.
"Z-Zim! Y-You...W-Wait, What?!" Dib was shocked, scared even of this fact. Zim could drink water. FREAKIN WATER!
Zim giggled. "And, watch this horror, Dibbah!" Zim leaned his head back, leaning the cup to his lips as he was slowly leaning it closer for it to poor down his slender green lips.
"What! NO!" Dib shouted. "S-Stop!" He cried out, completely scared. He gasped in fear when Zim gulped it down. He tried to grab at Zim's hand to let go of the glass, but it was too late...he had drunk it all.
"Aaaah~" Zim said as if refreshed, steam of the burning swirled out of his mouth. His bleeding tongue lapping out at Dib, as he winked at him. Horror on Dib's face. Dib stood up quickly, rushing over to Zim and sitting by him. "Zim?! You freak, why did you do that?! Your BLEEDING!" Dib pressed his hands to Zim's face, looking at his bleeding and burnt bottom lip. "If you were trying to impress me, thats just dumb! Never do that again!" he said, rubbing the blood off of the alien's lips gently with a napkin.
Zim giggled and smiled at Dib. "It's fine...I can't feel pain anymore...I'm used to it." He looked at Dib sweetly. "And...I was trying to impress you...I wanted you to know, I don't get hurt by water anymore."
"You surely do! Your bleeding! And you just got out of that heavy rain yesterday!" Dib said sternly. Frowning. "Open up," He said, rubbing at Zim's chin. Zim opened his mouth with a sigh, bringing his bleeding tongue out. Blood covered the whole red thin tongue. The green blood was bright against it. Lightly damping at it, he frowned more when the blood came back. "Oh are a moron." He hugged Zim tightly. And Zim hugged him back.
"It'll be fine...My PAK can also heal me." He said, as a faint buzz zapped in his PAK. Dib felt the buzz go up his spine. Dib didn't let go of Zim though, but laid in his arms. "Never do that again to impress me...Never..." He hugged him tighter before pulling away, sitting by him instead of moving back to his original place.
The waitress came back, getting their order. Zim got strawberry waffles and a coke. Dib got a hamburger and fries with a rootbeer as his drink.
They talked as they waited for their food.
"It's getting late." Zim said, looking out of the window worriedly. "GIR is going to kill me if I don't get home... He might think something HORRIBLE happened to me!" Zim bit his lip, not wanting to sit through one of GIR's, almost motherly, rants of staying out too late and cutting himself...only the fact he was with the Dib the whole time.
Dib giggled. "GIR? Worrying about you? Never thought it would be possible!"
Zim shot a glare at Dib. "GIR as always been caring to his master, who is Zim! He's just...gotten more protective over the summer...after you left." Zim gave Dib now a curious look. "Where were you this summer?" 'I needed you...' Zim thought the last part in his head as he frowned.
"I was on vacation with Gaz and my Dad. My Dad had to go around to big labs around the states. His workers, said that we could come along, so he brought us along so we could get some family time together." Dib rested his head in his hand as he looked at Zim. "I didn't do much...buuut kinda started to like science a little bit more. Although, I'll never give up on the paranormal." He smiled at time. "What did you do this summer?" He asked.
Zim was smiling the whole time at Dib, until he asked the question back. A frown spread on his face as he looked away. "Oh, nothing...I-I...Umm, couldn't take over the world while you were wouldn't be as fun. Me and GIR grew closer to each other, however." He said, not wanting to go too detail with it. Like his Tallests, mission, and depression.
Dib frowned. "Doesn't seem like fun, from what I'm seeing. My time wasn't much fun...I got closer to my sister, but not my Dad..."
The waitress came back with their food right after Dib spoke. Zim's meal was a full sized waffle with whip cream and real strawberries on top of it. Dib's hamburger was huge, with a knife sticking out of it. Their where even too much fries to eat by himself, even to add, they were super thick.
Zim and Dib began to eat. Zim's eyes going wide from the over load of flavor filling his mouth. He smiled at Dib, with a mouth covered in whip cream, but he didn't know. Dib laughed. "Hey- Got some jizz on your face." He teased, grabbing a napkin and handing it to him. Zim was confused of what he meant by that. What he was eating, he knew as whip cream, not jizz...was it another word of it? He shrugged, wiping off his face with a blush.

After a while, Dib finished but was too full to finished his fries. "Hey Zim, want my fries?" He asked.
Zim had finished his waffle before Dib, as he snatched three fries, plopping them into his mouth as his eyes went wide from how good they tasted. "Mmm...This place is good. Better then McMeaty's!" He said with a mouth full of fries. Dib smiled, standing up to the table where he went to pay for the dinner. Once the two went outside, it was dark out and cold. About 9 or so. Zim huddled into himself. "It's late...should I be going home?" He asked, looking up at him.
Dib shrugged. "Well, you can...but I was going to surprise you with something before the night is over." Dib said, pulling his trench coat around him tighter. "Cold?" He asked.
Zim shook his head, shivering as he ignored it. "Zim is fine..."
Dib sighed. "Okay...I'm taking you to somewhere beautiful." 'For a beautiful alien' he thought to himself before smiling to Zim. He wrapped his arm around Zim as they began to walk down the darken street on their way to Hurt Park.
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